This Is How El Niño Totally Screwed With The Weather In 2015


El Niño is a pesky patch of warm Pacific Ocean water that comes knocking at our doors every two to seven years. Scientists are predicting that the 2015-2016 version of El Niño is going to be particularly ferocious (not what you’d expect from something with such a gentle name like “The Little Boy”), and after the way this winter started out it looks like they might be right. To get you prepared for what’s to come, check out how El Niño totally screwed with the weather in 2015.

Tornadoes in Texas

December was a disastrous month for many states in the South, and Texas in particular. El Niño has a history of bringing with it unusually high levels of winter tornadoes, and the last month of 2015 proved to be no different. Tornadoes ripped through the South in December as a result of the bizarre weather conditions affecting the entire country.