The 10 Biggest Environmental Disasters You’re Still Paying For


The usual first reaction towards most environmental disasters is that they were unfortunate, but inevitable. After all, what can we do against floods, hurricanes, and wildfires? Well, it turns out that a large number of recent natural disasters could have been prevented.¬†You see, there’s this little thing called climate change that we’re sort of screwing up, not to mention all the oil spills and chemical leaks that we’ve been responsible for. All of these huge catastrophes have cost us dearly, in lives lost, lives ruined, and money spent. Take a look at the 10 biggest environmental disasters in U.S. history that many people are still paying for to this day.

Three Mile Island

In 1979, the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania experienced a meltdown, releasing nuclear radiation and radioactive gases into the atmosphere. Over 2,000 residents of the area filed lawsuits for compensation for death and disease, and the plant had to pay millions in damages because of children being born with birth defects.

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