15 Badass Reasons Young Voters Are #FeelingTheBern


Bernie Sanders is very different from the typical presidential candidate. His hair is often messed up, he has a strong New York accent, and he gestures flamboyantly. But this candidate has something special about him, something that has made him especially popular with young voters around America. They love his liberal views on issues such as college debt, climate change, marijuana, and abortion, as well as his honesty. Many young voters are #FeelingTheBern because #Bern is Bae.

He is Authentic

Bernie is one of the few (perhaps only) politicians who has not been corrupted by politics. This presidential candidate truly stands for what he believes in, and you can see this reflected in his career. He has always worked to narrow the income gap. He has always stood for gay rights. He has always fought to end racism. Young voters don’t want any bullshit; they want someone who means what they say, and Bernie is that man.