The 10 Worst CEO F*ck Ups Of 2015


2015 was a year of success but also some epic failure in the business world. From the a**hole who raised the price of a life-saving drug by over 5,000%, to the oil company in Brazil that was accused of a bribery scheme of astronomical proportions, to the Volkswagen embarrassment, there have been some executives who definitely took a turn for the worse this past year. Take a look at the 10 absolute worst CEO screw ups of 2015.

Martin Shkreli

Martin Shkreli incited huge backlash after he raised the price of a life-saving HIV drug from $13.50 to $750 per pill. He was charged in federal court with “a securities fraud trifecta of lies, deceit and greed,” and resigned as CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals.

ceo martin shkreli